Jay-Z Give Drake “Influential” and “Different” Advice

Jay-Z Give Drake “Influential” and “Different” Advice


It was Jay-Z that alerted Timbaland to Drake’s skills, and Drizzy himself said that when he talks with Hov, the Jiggaman drops wisdom on various subjects. Drake and Jay collaborated for a record called “Light Up” off of the 23-year-old newcomer’s Thank Me Later LP.

“It’s just me and Jay both rapping on it for an extended period of time,” Drake told MTV News on the set of his video for “Over.” “It’s real rap. It’s real rap. I do sing on it, but it’s just on the hook — but it’s rap. It’s great. The perspective, the dynamic on the track — it’s me and Jay’s relationship on the song, basically. When you hear it, people will be like, ‘Oh man.’ That’s how we are — just the two. He definitely has guided me a lot, as far as his words and his advice. We have a real funny rapport. I always enjoy my conversations with Jay. It’s good.”

Drake also said the jewels Jay drops on him are almost like the advice Lil Wayne gives, but different.

“Sort of the same thing. [Jay] does it in this way — when Jay says something, it’s different from anyone else. It just means that much more. Jay just has this aura about him. It’s like, ‘That’s why you’re Jay-Z.’ For a guy like me who grew up wanting to be Jay-Z, it’s influential — it’s very, very influential. We have great conversations. Just life. I’m not an AWOL type of character that you have to sit down and instruct. I’m pretty aware of myself and how to go through this whole process. The conversations are just funny and good and settles my mind.”