Drake – Find Your Love Music Video

Drake – Find Your Love Music Video



It’s the video you have all been waiting for. “Find Your Love” is Drake’s latest music video produced by Kanye West. The video was shot in beautiful Kingston, Jamaica, and you already know Anothony Mandler was a part of the project. This track is from Drake’s highly anticipated debut album Thank Me Later, which will be released June 15, 2010. If you haven’t order your copy yet, Pre-Order Thank Me Later [CD/DVD Combo] [Deluxe Edition] now!

  • Drizzy Look-Alike

    i have to say, this vid is quite different– actually very different from his comical side from best i ever had.
    I’m not sure how i feel how this song; this beat, goes with the vid.
    I gotta hear it a coupla mo times.
    But i like it more than over. there’s more “movement” in tha bed. DRIZZY!

  • ~Drizzy’s baby~

    omg i freakin love him but i cant stand tha fact that he kissin all ova dat hoe!! i thought we talked bout dat!

  • Cornell

    Song Is hot

  • lexie.love

    The video is sexy and original but the end had me thinkin. what if she shot the drug dealer and not drake. hmmmmmmm.