Thank You Drake For “Thank Me Later”

Thank You Drake For “Thank Me Later”


It’s OFFICIALLY June15th! Do you know what that means? Thank Me Later is in stores now! Drake’s debut album is finally here, and I think it’s a good time to thank him for the journey he has paved and the music he has brought us.


Whether you buy one, six, or twenty-five copies of his album, Thank Me Later is the soundtrack to our summer. Drake has provided us with great music for FREE for about 4 years, so why not show the love and support our boy Drizzy. Do you personally want to thank Drake? Drop a comment here and/or tweet your thank you’s using the #ThankMeLater hashtag. Let’s make #ThankMeLater a trend June15th!

Click here to buy Thank Me Later on iTunes.
Click here to buy 9 AM in Dallas (Bonus Track) on iTunes.

If your buying a copy today, email us a photo of it and/or you to and I will post it on the front page tomorrow.

  • Kevin Slimm Dunkin Wallace

    THE hottest ish out rite now

  • Kim S.

    I love this album!!!!!!!! best album of 2010!!! thanks soooooo much :)