Drake Wants To Collaborate With Taylor Swift

Drake Wants To Collaborate With Taylor Swift


Grammy nominee and performer Drake tells “Extra” his favorite moment from the awards show was seeing Taylor Swift — and he wants to work with her in future!

“Seeing Taylor Swift in person is always fun for me,” Drake, real name Aubrey Drake Graham, dished to “Extra’s” AJ Calloway backstage at Sunday’s show. “I bought this Taylor Swift t-shirt the other day that I might wear tonight.”

The rapper continued, “I just have this small little thing with her, I just like her whole being. I’m excited about her career and I’m excited about wearing my t-shirt tonight.”

When Calloway asked Drake if he would consider collaborating with the country megastar, Drake answered, “That would be nice, I’m down!”

  • DRAKE n SWIFT yea that could work only if SWIFT dont rap lol DRAKE is always thinking to be creative more n more every song they can make a HIP-HOP/R@B jam together SO MAKE THE JAM DRAKE

  • i think it would b hot 2 anything wit drake on is going be out regardless

  • Louise

    His performance at the grammys was AMAZING!! I was in complete awe, couldnt take my eyes off the screen. WE <3 DriZZy !!! that colaberation would be sick, id download it!! x

  • Louise

    That would be cool, i’d download it. DRiZzY can do no wrong. The dude is a hit making machine!! I <3 DRizZy!!

  • i think that so stupied how could talor swift work with drake, talor swift doesn’t even know how to sing good as drake does!