Drake Makes Complex’s 25 Most Anticipated Albums 2010

In a business where release dates shift for multiple years before an LP actually drops, it’s tough to really get excited for an artist’s new album. But we’re starting the new year off with an optimistic attitude—2010 is gonna be filled with some fuckin’ amazing albums. Halfway through January, we’ve already seen a few solid releases (Vampire Weekend’s Contra and Kanye’s Storytellers), but the best is yet to come.

To let you know what’s in store for 2010, we rounded up all the albums we’re expecting this year (key word being expecting—forget pipe-dream releases like Detox), including everything from the psychedelic indie rock of Yeasayer to Drake’s long-awaited debut. See who made the cut with Complex’s 25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2010… – Complex Magazine

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