Drake Kissed ANOTHER Girl!

Drake Kissed ANOTHER Girl!


Drake does it again! Yeah Man! Drake kissed another girl at one of his concerts. It actually seems like he has made it part of his performance. Hey, you never know maybe you could be the next girl he calls up to the stage for a kiss :)

  • I swear IF he does this at the May 19th concert in Dallas (which Im goin to) Im’a straight up leave lol j/k. But why is he kissin these girls for? Are these fans that hes bringin on stage?!

  • stacia

    Yeah there fans. He is doing it to show the lady fans that he loves us. And because he needs a girl on stage before he sings the song A Night Off……

  • aaliyah

    he is soo adorable.

  • WTF??
    damnn hes dumbb or wat!!
    Hes tryin to find his love huh? hahahah
    Im gonna kick his ass When he gets home!!!

  • abcgp,

    iknow wtf ?
    His a 24 year old man , wonder how old the gurl was !!!
    but forreall he even said it himself his looken for older women ,
    uqhh !! welll i hope he comes to chicaaqooo sumtime sooon !!!