Drake – Find Your Love (Produced by Kanye West) Debut

Drake – Find Your Love (Produced by Kanye West) Debut


October’s Very Own has finally released another track on the “Thank Me Later” album. I love the way they are inching out little teasers for the album. It’s almost like the old days where you really didn’t know what to expect until the album actually debut. Thank Me Later Biiiiiiitch, June 15th!

Download : Drake – Find Your Love

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  • Addy :]

    aaahhh ! My babe always looken like a p.i.m.p :]

    • addy :]

      ahhhh ! My babe always looken like a p.i.m.p :]

  • Alexandrea

    I love this song…Drake keep doin your thing. Your amazing.

  • stacia

    I love this song….and i love Drake…and i love that this song is about me!

    • abcgp,

      is it relle about you ? or are you just beinq sarcastic ?

    • abcgp,

      iii hopppe its just sarcasim !

  • aaliyah

    aww this is really good. i love the swagg he comes with when he does a song. keep doing you drake ’till its over. cause you are the BEST ;)

  • I love this song because he say that he’s sick of be right becuz it take to long and he done wanting and giving all his loving to u ahh that’s so sweet to love him that’s why i love him…

  • Theresa

    I love this song……. keep doing your thang Drizzy!!!

  • Halo

    i love Drake New sonq. &nd im dha girl he is lookin 4 (-=
    Drake yu will find yur LOVE in Ohio (-= ./

  • kandi-ann

    i love this song soooo much. he is so talented

  • Your Far from over Drizzy! i Feel ya;) Keep that sexy smile shining and Houstalantavegas it! :)

  • lava

    Aubery Drake
    U my number 1 fan.
    Luv ur rapping, luv ur singing. Keep ur head up.always!

  • Pumpkinn

    iLovee Dis Sonq , <3 Itss The Bestt