Drake Doesn’t Really Call For Lil Wayne Type Energy

Drake Doesn’t Really Call For Lil Wayne Type Energy


Drake has thankfully recovered from last year’s knee injury — the 23-year-old Toronto native has been onstage all this week performing as part of his Away From Home Tour.

“I had an assessment a week ago,” Drake told MTV News last week. “They told me that I’m definitely able to get out there and perform to the fullest. I’m still not going to be able to play basketball. I’m gonna stay far away from that, actually. But I’m ready to come back. I think I’m coming back with more maturity as far as connecting with the audience and less about running around. A lot of my performance energy before came from watching Lil Wayne. I always felt I needed to be just as energetic, running back and forth on the stage. In preparing for this tour, I realized my brand of music doesn’t really call for that. It’s more about me connecting with the audience and them enjoying the way we flip these songs around. I want them to walk away and be like, ‘That was a great night.’ ”

Drizzy has openers Francis and the Lights and K-OS on the road with him.

“I chose these acts with Oliver who works with me,” he explained. “They’re on the tour because they’re who I’m a fan of. I know I could have brought out other younger artists or rappers, but I want this to be an experience. I want them to be refreshed about music. Not like, ‘Oh, I went to another rap show.’ “