Best I Ever Had? Like It or Hate It?

Best I Ever Had? Like It or Hate It?


Okay, so I’ve been watching the trendy topics portion of twitter this late evening and I’ve been just been looking at all the tweets that Drake’s new video, “Best I Ever Had” has been getting. For the most part tons of people are not understanding what the whole point of the video was. Basketball team? Big breast women? What’s going on?

Well in an earlier post Drake Premiere – Best I Ever Had Music Video Drake touches on the whole point of the video. Some are saying he should of never let Kanye West direct it. Here’s just a couple reactions from some tweeters at twitter.

maddy_di_danca drake baby you da shit keep up da good work tdot loves u 2 da fullest

OrphKnowz The Drake video I love the ending, I like how he plays it off. XD

rishele I wonder how Drake feels about all the negative comments about his video…*ponders*

Starsgup09 Drake Video is hilarious but i can tell it was more 75% ye n 25% drizzy i like it tho…

qwreck If all the chicks in Womens Basketball looked? like the ones in Drake’s video.. I’d start watchin

RahneX Ok I just finally saw the full Drake video….yeah no comment. LOL

niikkiicole i love drake video yall are all haterz make some money and get a life

ejizzy Shoutout to drake ! but the video doesnt make anysense

BabbyySav Just saw the video “Best i ever had ” -drake ! WTF , Its the stupidest video i seen // No joke ?

teetee_08 even though I wasn’t a big fan of the video…I STILL LOVE DRAKE!!!

Idgemis “But drake! all you ever taught us was how to stretch” hahahaha…

Aaliyah06 Drake’s video? expected so much more…it’s ok tho, I’m still in love with the song

Mixed opinions for sure. My take on it is this, Kanye West is known for not following the masses, he’s always had this go against the grain outlook, and I think the video does just that. I’m pretty sure they both knew that there was going to be a controversy over the video lol. Let’s just say if someone didn’t know who Drake was, once this video goes viral… I’m sure the world is going to know the the upcoming artist by the time his album drops! :P

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